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Hospitality in Business

It means consideration.
In contrast, manners are just the same behavior for everyone without deep thoughtfulness, which might be superficial.
By adding of consideration to this behavior, you can make your customers feel secure, trust and friendliness, which will be hospitality.
Hospitality mind is emphasized in our humanity and the sensitivity and affect fluent communication with others as well as the quality of our work.


Three steps in good communications.
Ⅰ. First Element 【Seven Manner】

First impression: In business the first impression is decisive, as the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.
There is very important seven points we must always be conscious of.

【Seven Manner】

1. Facial expression Gentleness, Trustworthiness
2.Eye contact Gentleness, Trustworthiness
3.Greetings Politeness and Sincerity
4.Grooming Principals of professional grooming
5.Behaviors Politeness, Calmness, Speedy, Smartness, Sincerity, Elegance
6.Deportment Beautiful Posture, Bow, Walk,
7.Diction Choice of words including honored expressions

Ⅱ Second Element【Overall-Appearance】

Color Coordination to impress The color of your attire directly gives either a positive or a negative effect on your facial expression.
The harmonious colors of your skin-tone and the color in your attire and make-up which make you more beautiful person.
Makeup to create a beautiful impression Foundation,Eyebrow,Lip,Cheek
Apparel coordination
for Ladies
for Gentlemen
Color coordination, Suit, Belt, Shoes, Accessories, Manicure,and so on.

Ⅲ Third Element【Communication】

How to speak in order to communicate smoothly clear tone, volume and speed that is easy to hear
Active listening skills ・Appropriate response to encourage your partners
・How to use both verbal and non-verbal expression
・Nodding occasionally and appropriately
・Facial expression and eye contact
・How to ask appropriate questions
Presentation ・How to analyze yourself to find out your strong points
・How to present yourself to emphasize your strengths and attractiveness
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