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【Appropriate Manner and Strong Communication skills】

This world you are in is consist of good relationships with others based on a sense of
safety, rapport and trust. The most basic and important element for building a good relationship with others is to respect and appreciate them whom you might communicate with.

I guide you through the way to have a proper etiquette to make good relationships with others you might communicate with. Three Element in good communications


Ⅰ First Element 【Appropriate Manner】

First of all you are required to give a good first impression to others, which shows your positive attitude to respect and appreciate others.

I train you in the following: how to wear a nice expression on your face, how to keep good posture, what words and how you should speak, not only when
communicating with customers but also coworkers.
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Ⅱ Second Element [Overall-Appearance]

◎ Attire

In business, it’s very important to look smart, clean, brilliant and healthy at your first meeting with others; your colleagues, boss, customers and suppliers, as well as your family and friends.

The people whom you contact with will form their first impression of you based upon your appearance in just seconds.

Therefore your appearance is a good opportunity to create a great first impression on others. The best way to ensure a good first impression is to dress smart.

Depending on the type of firms such as IT companies or new venture companies, it might not always be important.

However, it is essential to dress professionally, regardless of the dress code at the organization. Especially in service industries involving customer’s interaction such as airlines or hotel companies, your attire will be judged more strictly.

You must therefore look professional which fills the qualifications in your own industry. Dressing for success is a big assistant of your performance in your business.

◎ Make-up

Keeping your overall appearance neat in this way will make it possible for you to be more attractive and confident. What’s more, I demonstrate how to wear make-up and give specific advice what you should wear for business in order to create a good impression.
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Ⅲ Third Element [Communication]

Effective communication helps you build good relationships with others based on rapport and trust.
Therefore clear and effective communication is one of the most vital skills that can build good relationships.
I’ll show you how to create a pleasant communication environment for further trustworthiness.
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